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Golteum (GLTM) Joins Chainlink BUILD to Revolutionize Precious Metals Trading

Golteum (GLTM) Joins Chainlink BUILD To Refine Precious Metals Trading

  • Golteum is a blockchain platform combining precious metals with cryptocurrency trading.
  • The company has joined the Chainlink BUILD program to help revolutionize the tokenized metals economy.
  • Golteum is also teaming up with Fireblocks and Certik for asset security and trust.

Revolutionizing Precious Metals Trading with Chainlink BUILD

Golteum, a blockchain platform incorporating precious metals with cryptocurrency trading, is thrilled to announce its strategic move to join the Chainlink BUILD program. This dynamic initiative by Chainlink Labs will give Golteum a headstart in their mission to revolutionize the tokenized metals economy by combining precious metals’ intrinsic value with blockchain technology’s disruptive power. The support from a notable Web3 company like Chainlink goes a long way in helping Golteum’s narrative as it approaches launch. Furthermore, Chainlink BUILD provides Golteum access to real-time pricing data and trusted trading environment, ensuring transparency and security.

Strengthening Trust and Security Through Partnerships

In addition to joining the BUILD program, Golteum has teamed up with top-tier infrastructure provider Fireblocks to enhance asset security within the ecosystem. In order to further ensure robustness, security, and transparency of its smart contract system, Golteum had their system audited thoroughly by Certik. Moreover, six members of the Golteum team have undergone doxxing process from Certik which earned them a prestigious Silver badge. This serves as testament to Golteum’s dedication towards safety and trust.

Integrating Actual Precious Metals onto Blockchain

By integrating actual precious metals onto the blockchain through fractionalized Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), which are backed by physical gold bars and other metals, Golteum aims to redefine the precious metal industry leveraging on blockchain technology’s potential. As part of this goal 4% of its total native token supply will be made available for stakers via Chainlink service providers.


Golteam’s partnership with notable Web3 companies such as ChainsLink Labs and Fireblocks alongside thorough audit from Certik speaks volumes of its commitment towards revolutionizing precious metal trading industry through utilization of blockchain tecnology while ensuring utmost security and trustworthiness along every step of its journey towards launch date.