BUSD Stabilizes at $1 After CEO Clarifies Connection to Paxos Token

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Binance USD Stabilizes at $1

  • Binance USD (BUSD) has stabilized at its intended $1 peg after Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao clarified the connection to the Paxos Trust Co.-issued token.
  • Paxos has already burned over $700 million of BUSD tokens since Monday.
  • Changpeng Zhao clarified that Binance does not issue BUSD, but rather has an agreement to let Paxos use their brand.

Background on BUSD

Binance USD (BUSD) is a stablecoin backed by short-term treasuries and cash-like assets. It rallied to $0.9997 in European morning hours on Wednesday, recovering from a two-year low of $0.9950 hit after the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) on Monday ordered Paxos to stop minting more of the tokens.

Impact of Regulatory Pressure

The regulatory pressure could impact BUSD’s market cap, which will decrease over time. If BUSD is ruled as a security by the courts, it will significantly impact the development of the crypto industry in jurisdictions where it is ruled as such. Despite this uncertainty, however, Binance will continue to support BUSD for now but foresees users migrating to other stablecoins over time and that product adjustments will be made accordingly.

Funds Are #SAFU!

During a Twitter Spaces session on Tuesday, Zhao clarified that Paxos also assured them that funds are #SAFU, and fully covered by reserves in their banks with their reserves already audited many times by various audit firms.


The stabilization of Binance USD at its intended price is likely due to Changpeng Zhao’s clarification regarding its connection to Paxos‘ issued token and assurance from Paxos that funds are safe. Despite ongoing regulatory pressures in certain markets, Binance will continue to support BUSD for now with potential adjustments depending on user migration patterns in other jurisdictions.

16. Februar 2023

$150K Up For Grabs! Enter Undercity’s Airdrop & Win Big!

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•Undercity has launched a $150,000 airdrop to celebrate the much-awaited $UND presale and the rapidly growing community.
•Anyone interested can enter the giveaway via Gleam by completing listed tasks that come with multiple entries.
•The primary goal of Undercity’s airdrop is to build awareness around the project which is opening an act-to-earn village dedicated to gamers, role players and cosplayers in France.

What is Undercity?

Undercity is a hybrid gaming metaverse that brings alive the world’s first act-to-earn village. The 10,000 meter-squares village houses a virtual reality room, atmosphere bar, streaming room, and retro-gaming room, to name just a few. It takes the experience to global users by reproducing the village in the metaverse. Undercity’s grand ambition has resonated with its audience as revealed by its fast-growing online community which aims to reach more users in coming days through marketing initiatives such as giveaways with compelling prizes.

$150k Airdrop Details

Undercity has launched an airdrop with $150,000 up for grabs to celebrate their presale and rapidly growing online community. You need to hold at least $150 worth of UND at the time of draw to be eligible for this prize. To enter you must complete steps on Gleam which include entering your Crypto Wallet Address, joining @undercity_chat on Telegram, tweeting @Undercity_off on Twitter, following @UnderCity_offRetweeting@underCity_offon Twitter, visiting @underCity.officiel on Instagram and visiting their website: underCity and sharing it with friends for 10 extra entries!

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for this giveaway you must have at least $150 worth of UND at the time of draw and complete all steps listed above via Gleam for multiple entries . There are no other requirements or costs associated other than your time so don’t miss out!

How will I receive my reward?

If you are one of lucky winners who wins this prize you will receive your reward directly into your crypto wallet address provided during entry process.


This is an amazing opportunity for anyone who holds UND coins as well as those interested in learning more about Undercity’s mission and becoming part of their exciting gaming metaverse! Don’t forget that each task comes with multiple entries so make sure you follow all steps listed above carefully so maximize your chances of winning!

8. Februar 2023

Celsius Withdrawals: 94% of Assets at Risk – Update Now!

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Summary of the Article

  • Celsius, a bankrupt cryptocurrency lending firm, has published a list of eligible users who can withdraw 94% of their crypto assets from the platform.
  • Eligible users are required to update their accounts with AML and KYC information before withdrawals can be processed.
  • The examiner’s report also alleges that Celsius and its founder, Alex Mashinsky, failed to deliver on their promises regarding the Celsius (CEL) token and other business ventures.

Celsius Upcoming Withdrawals: Are Your Assets at Risk?

Celsius, a bankrupt cryptocurrency lending firm, has issued an official statement regarding the pending withdrawals for eligible users. In a 1,411-page court filing with the US Bankruptcy Court in the Southern District of New York, Celsius has provided a list of users who will be able to retrieve approximately 94% of their eligible custody assets. The remaining 6% of assets will be determined at a later date. Before processing any withdrawals, eligible users are required to update their Celsius accounts with the necessary information such as Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) data as well as withdrawal destination address. Otherwise they won’t be able to withdraw assets. Gas and transaction fees associated with the withdrawal process must also be covered by those withdrawing assets or they won’t receive them.

Examiner’s Report Reveals Allegations Against Celsius and Its Founder

The release of this information follows a court filing submitted by the court-appointed examiner, Shoba Pillay which sheds light on various aspects of Celsius‘ operations including its relationship with now-defunct FTX exchange. The report revealed that Celsius utilized Quickbooks software for financial management similar to FTX and Alameda Research. The examiner’s report also alleges that Celsius and its founder Alex Mashinsky failed to deliver on their promises regarding the Celsius (CEL) token and other business ventures providing detailed evidence of improper and self-serving behavior causing significant harm to many people.

What Does This Mean for Investors?

Investors may want to take caution following these reports given that there is still some uncertainty surrounding what will become of investor funds once they have been withdrawn from the platform. Furthermore due diligence should always be undertaken when investing in cryptocurrencies as there is always risk involved regardless if it is through an established platform or not.


As more details come out surrounding this case it would appear that investors may have lost money due to improper actions taken by those running Celsius however all hope is not lost as nearly all investors are set up for reimbursement or recovery in some form or another from their investments in cryptocurrencies via this platform

1. Februar 2023

Cardano Price Surges Ahead of DJED Stablecoin Launch

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• Cardano (ADA) has increased by 45% over the past month and 7.7% over the past week due to the broader cryptocurrency market recovery.
• The launch of the DJED stablecoin on the mainnet is planned for this month, with the Singaporean cryptocurrency exchange Bitrue set to list the DJED stablecoin together with SHEN, its reserve coin.
• Djed will be backed by other tokens and it aims to replace all other cryptocurrencies as the preferred currency for covering transaction costs on the Cardano network.

The cryptocurrency market has been on the rise over the past month and Cardano (ADA) has been no exception. The price of Cardano has increased by 45% over the past month and 7.7% over the past week. The general market rebound is likely to have been a factor in the uptrend, however, the much-anticipated launch of the DJED stablecoin on the mainnet is also likely to have had an impact.

The DJED stablecoin is a cryptocurrency pegged to the US dollar and aims to replace all other cryptocurrencies as the preferred currency for covering transaction costs on the Cardano network. Before a user can receive Djed, more than 400% in collateral value must be provided. Djed will be backed by other tokens, making it possible to replace the volatile gas fees with a transaction cost that is consistent and predictable.

In preparation for the launch, the Singaporean cryptocurrency exchange Bitrue has revealed plans to list the DJED stablecoin together with SHEN, its reserve coin. Through an official blog post on its website and a subsequent tweet from COTI Network, Bitrue announced its intentions to list DJED. Additionally, developers are developing a snapshot mechanism and user interface (UI) which will be added to djed.xyz. This mechanism will allow SHEN holders to track extra rewards when ADA is deposited to the Djed smart contract.

Overall, Cardano bulls are all charged up ahead of the launch of its stablecoin DJED, which is set to go live this month. The launch of the DJED stablecoin is likely to have a big impact on the Cardano network, as it is set to replace all other cryptocurrencies as the preferred currency for covering transaction costs. This could have a big impact on the price of Cardano, as the increase in demand for ADA could cause the price to surge.

26. Januar 2023

Reach New Heights with Terra 2.0 (LUNA): $3.63 by 2023, $20.76 by 2030!

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• Terra 2.0 (LUNA) is a fully decentralized payment mechanism that eliminates the need for intermediaries or authorization.
• Terra (LUNA) could reach a maximum price of $3.63 by the end of 2023 and as high as $20.76 by the end of 2030.
• Terra (LUNA) is being used in mining and administration and can act as a configurable asset to tackle scalability, performance, and availability challenges.

Terra 2.0 (LUNA) is a revolutionary digital currency that offers a fully decentralized payment mechanism that eliminates the need for intermediaries or authorization. This new currency was created as a result of a de-peg event, which called for a new Terra (LUNA) to replace the old Terra Classic (LUNC). LUNA is the native asset of the protocol and is being used in mining and administration. It also has a unique feature that allows it to act as a configurable asset, addressing scalability, performance, and availability challenges.

The price of Terra (LUNA) has seen some significant ups and downs over the past few months. However, investors are still hopeful that the currency will recover and reach new highs. According to experts, LUNA could reach a maximum price of $3.63 by the end of 2023. This is a significant increase from its current trading price of $1.44. Some analysts predict that by the end of 2030, Terra (LUNA) could reach as high as $20.76.

There are a number of factors that could influence the price of Terra 2.0 (LUNA). These include market sentiment, demand, supply, and development. With the right developments and an increase in demand, Terra (LUNA) could reach the predicted price of $20.76. However, it is important to note that the price of any cryptocurrency is highly unpredictable and investors should always do their own research before investing.

Overall, Terra 2.0 (LUNA) is a revolutionary digital currency that is here to stay. With the implementation of the right developments and an increase in demand, it is possible that LUNA could reach the predicted price of $20.76 by the end of 2030. Investors should be aware of the risks associated with investing in any cryptocurrency and should do their own research before making any decisions.

20. Januar 2023

Altcoin Market Bullish on Bitcoin Surge: Aptos and Fetch.ai Lead the Way

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• Aptos (APT) and Fetch.ai (FET) are leading the altcoin market, with both coins exhibiting strong bullish sentiment following Bitcoin’s surge to $19k in the past 24 hours.
• Aptos price is exchanging at $6.34, up approximately 22 percent in the last 24 hours, while Fetch.ai (FET) is trading around $0.233030, up approximately 24 percent in the last 24 hours.
• Fetch.ai (FET) is developing a decentralized ecosystem on the autonomous of Things (AoT).

The altcoin market is exhibiting strong bullish sentiment following Bitcoin’s surge to $19k in the past 24 hours. Aptos (APT) and Fetch.si (FET) are leading the way, with both coins experiencing significant gains.

Aptos price is exchanging at $6.34, up approximately 22 percent in the last 24 hours, with the APT price up over 70 percent in the last seven days. The Aptos network has a market capitalization of approximately $813,689,465 and a 24-hour trading volume of about $557,229,215.

Fetch.ai (FET) is also experiencing strong gains, with the FET price trading around $0.233030, up approximately 24 percent in the last 24 hours and 115 percent in the last seven days. The FET network has a market capitalization of approximately $241,423,231, and a 24-hour trading volume of about $185,789,732.

The strong gains can be attributed to a combination of speculation, FOMO, and the utility of the respective projects. Fetch.ai (FET) is developing a decentralized ecosystem on the autonomous of Things (AoT). The Fetch.ai network is an interchain protocol, based on the Cosmos-SDK, and uses a high-performance WASM-based smart contract language (CosmWasm). This allows the network to be used for a variety of applications, such as financial services, gaming, healthcare and more.

Aptos (APT) on the other hand is focused on providing efficient and secure solutions for the burgeoning digital payments space. The APT network is a decentralized and permissionless network that enables users to buy and sell goods with cryptocurrencies. It also offers a secure and private way to store digital assets.

It remains to be seen whether Aptos (APT) and Fetch.ai (FET) can sustain their gains, however, the networks are showing signs of strong growth and their future looks promising. With more upside gains, investors can expect to see more big gains in the near future.

13. Januar 2023

Ethereum Developers Push Shanghai Upgrade, ETH Price Drops Below $1250

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• Ethereum developers have pushed the Shanghai upgrade due to technical issues which was scheduled to go live in March 2023.
• Ethereum price is currently pulling a leg down, intending to break down below the crucial support levels anytime from now.
• The upgrade is expected to enable validators to withdraw their staked ETH from ETH 2.0.

The Ethereum network is moving ahead towards the much anticipated Shanghai upgrade that is expected to enable validators to withdraw their staked ETH from ETH 2.0. The upgrade was initially scheduled to go live in March 2023, but the Ethereum developers have reportedly decided to push the launch due to some technical issues. During the first virtual meeting of the year, Tim Beiko said in the broadcasted call that they may postpone the launch as they want to include several other features in the upgrade. He said “We should probably be just removing stuff at this point.” While no new dates have been announced yet, the decision to push the launch has impacted the Ethereum price which appears to be slowly sinking and has dropped below the crucial support at $1250.

Analysts had initially assumed that the price would be trading within a bullish flag and hence an upswing towards $1280 was expected. However, the current bearish pressure has dragged the price towards the immediate support at $1240. A bounce at these levels may be expected but the price may largely depend on the upcoming Shanghai upgrade. Experts believe that the upgrade could potentially lead to a surge in the price of Ethereum and thus could be an essential factor for a potential ETH price rally.

It is important to note that the Ethereum developers are expected to continue their virtual meetings in the coming days to discuss the Shanghai upgrade. This could be a crucial factor to decide the fate of the ETH price rally and also to set the new launch date. If the developers manage to solve the technical issues and announce a new date soon, then it could be a positive factor for the Ethereum price and could result in a potential ETH price rally.

7. Januar 2023

Bitcoin Flatlines at $16,800 as Short-term Traders Sell at a Loss

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• Bitcoin is trading below $17,000 for a long time and is unable to surpass the $16,900 resistance zone.
• There is a new support level formed at $16,800, and a 100-week point of control (POC) is established at this price level.
• Short-term traders are selling at a loss, which is keeping Bitcoin’s price flat for the next few weeks.

The cryptocurrency market continues to be plagued by uncertainty, as Bitcoin’s price remains stagnant for the past month. This has caused frustration among market participants, who are hoping for a bullish breakout. The current level of volatility has been described as low, with Bitcoin trading below the $17,000 mark.

At the same time, a new support level of $16,800 has been established, with a 100-week point of control (POC) identified at this price. The POC is generated due to a large volume of trading taking place at that point, making it a possible bottom formation. This could indicate that the price of Bitcoin is about to experience a major shift.

In the meantime, however, traders are still selling their holdings at a loss, which is keeping the price of Bitcoin flat for the next few weeks. This is further compounded by the fact that the market is still lacking a clear direction, with no major catalysts driving the price up or down. As such, it is likely that Bitcoin will remain within its current trading range for the foreseeable future.

In the face of current market conditions, it is important for investors to take a long-term view of their investments. While the short-term fluctuations of the market may cause some anxiety, it is important to remember that Bitcoin is still a relatively new asset, and its price is subject to significant fluctuations. As such, investors should focus on building a diversified portfolio that is well-suited to their individual risk tolerance, and avoid making investment decisions based purely on short-term price movements.

7. Januar 2023

Profit Edge Review 2021 – Is it The Real Deal or Not?

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The majority of people today are more apathetic and uninformed with bitcoins. But, as technology expands, more people are enticed to invest in this currency. When we talk about investing, you might not know which platform to choose. One of the many trade platforms that you can choose from are Profit Edge. Established in the most prestigious economic center in London, UK, Profit Edge is a trading platform that enables regular people such as us to make profit from bitcoins. With Profit Edge, you’ll be able to stay clear of the volatility that occurs when you trade bitcoins. This Profit Edge trading application is backed by the powerful Al tech and Blockchain, which makes it completely transparent, and provides you with an opportunity to earn money. If you’re looking to earn some money through bitcoins, you can keep reading this article.

Is Profit Edge Review Trustworthy?

When you are funding your money you must ensure that the platform you use is safe and trustworthy. There is no need to believe in the credibility of this platform for trading. Profit Edge operates with dispersed ledger technology to provide customers with an authentic and authentic trading environment. Profit Edge is equipped by RSA encryption and safeguards the personal information of all its customers. Each user is assigned an agent that you can check if it is in compliance with the regulations and laws. If you discover that the broker you have been assigned isn’t regulated in your area of jurisdiction, you are able to inform and report the issue at Profit Edge. Additionally, Profit Edge is a accredited platform that has been proven as one of the most trustworthy.

How Much Money Can You Make Using Profit Edge?

In order to begin earning on Profit Edge You will need to get an initial payment of $225. It is among the lowest rates any trading platform requires. Your $250 deposit will start the process and help fuel the profit-making business. Profit Edge can produce 60 percent profit each day, which means that you could earn four times the profit from your capital investment. There is no limit on any deposit you can make using Profit Edge. The deposits are all transferred to the financial institution that then puts orders in the market. The brokers are well-organized, and you will receive regular updates regarding your investment.

What is the process behind Profit Edge trader function?

Trading using Profit Edge is an easy concept to follow. Even those who aren’t familiar about the concept of cryptocurrency are able to easily learn and grasp the basics of investing. All you need to do is purchase any device you want and feel familiar with, be it a smartphone or computer, and with an Internet connection and then you’re prepared to make trades.

Steps to activate your account

It would be beneficial if you are familiar with a few aspects to be comfortable with the website. In order to activate your account, it is a straightforward process which requires next steps.

  1. Create an account

The initial and most crucial step to join any platform is to sign-up. Fill out the registration form found on the sign-up form with your details and then complete it. Once you have submitted your information you will be taken to the interface of Profit Edge’s App.

  1. Make a deposit

As we mentioned that you need to secure an initial deposit of $250. There is no limit to the amount that you are able to make, and you are able to always choose more. You can make your deposit through the button to deposit on this page. When you click the button, you’ll be taken to the deposit webpage, which will allow you to become to be a financial institution. You will then be able to deposit the money to your account for trading.

  1. Start Live Trading

When you’re done making deposits, you can take a break and enjoy your time. It is important to click the auto trading option to allow trading to begin. The robot that trades will be in charge and will open trades based on the signals of trading. You can follow the live trading session on your computer screen and calculate the profit you earn. Profit Edge software Profit Edge software performs and utilizes Al technology to give you precise and specific results.

Important Features of Profit Edge Trader

Once you have completed registration, you’ll have access to Profit Edge’s features designed to help you in having the most enjoyable experience. These are some of the aspects we’ve listed that you need to keep in mind to ensure your trading is successful.

Trading Indicator

Profit Edge is supported by strong trading indicators that ensure that you earn profits from your investment. The indicators incorporate six renowned indicators and seven different timeframes. That means Profit Edge has access to many trading signals which leads to greater effectiveness.

Excellent Customer Support

Profit Edge offers outstanding customer support services. If you experience any issue when trading. Customer support will be able to be in touch when you have an issue. The customer support service is open to innovative ideas and new products and will listen to suggestions from customers sincerely.

Automatic Trading

Profit Edge works to produce an automated trading platform that is easy for everyone to use. It is easy to use and doesn’t require any new user a lot of work. Therefore, investing on Profit Edge requires no prior knowledge whatsoever.

Does Profit Edge Trading Platform worth it?

Even after having all the data you may be asking your self, „Is Profit Edge a scam?“ To answer this question you must conclude that Profit Edge is a legitimate choice. Profit Edge platform is worth your time and effort. It is the Profit Edge review trading software is well worth your money and your time. This software automatically produces signals that simplify trading so that you can concentrate on building a career that is successful with trading instead of losing consistently. The software was developed and is operated by experts in the field, Profit Edge offers a secure trading platform for its users. It offers the features that set it apart from other platforms including its auto-registration feature and automated withdrawal when you reach the specified threshold. The reasons for this are as follows: it will assist you in making the right choice.

Effortless to use

Profit Edge Trading Platform Profit Edge Trading Platform is an easy-to-use platform that allows anyone, even without prior experience in cryptocurrency, to begin right away and start making money. It’s as simple to operate as opening an account and trading with it, and you’ll rarely have any issues using it.

Transparent Trading

Sometimes, trading can create some anxiety, confusion and even stress, but you shouldn’t be dealing with it any longer. Profit Edge provides you with the peace of mind and security of trading that is transparent. It is possible to comprehend what is going on without needing to master the latest crypto-language. The information is also encrypted, providing complete privacy.

No hidden fee

Profit Edge does not charge an additional fee that is hidden in contrast to other platforms for trading. Profit Edge does not charge any withdrawal or deposit fee. There aren’t any licensing fees either. The only commission of 2% which is charged is for trades and shares and it is made clear. It’s also important to note the fact that Profit Edge never charges you per trade.

Fast transactions

It is the Profit Edge Trading Platforms is a fully automated trader which utilizes artificial intelligence to anticipate market fluctuations. It’s fast to identify and respond to changes in the market and ensure that you receive the most advantageous bargain.

Trading Accuracy

Its Profit Edge trade account is an expert and highly sophisticated brokerage designed specifically for active traders. It is built on the latest technology, it’s equipped to process massive amounts of information fast, giving traders an advantage over other traders and emerging market trends.

Safe and Secure

You can be assured of the security, safety and enjoyable trading experience with Profit Edge. Profit Edge is protected by SSL technology, and the brokers you trade with are licensed and have a verified background.


Is there an application to make money? Edge?

Profit Edge is a trading app that exists. Profit Edge trading app does exist and clicking on that link below will take you to a page that allows you to download it. Your smartphone is an exchange platform, and it is compatible with Android as well as iPhone devices. It is available on platforms, the Apple as well as Google Play stores, Profit Edge application lets you trade cryptocurrency on your phone. To begin using the app, you must sign up for your account, then deposit the minimum amount to the app before you can begin using it. The app can be used regardless of whether you’re using an android as well as an IOS smartphone.

Are celebrities investing in bitcoin with Profit Edge?

There are rumors about stars like Elon Musk Gordon Ramsay, and Martin Lewis investing in bitcoins by using Profit Edge are being spread from our competition. They are more concerned about destroying the image of Profit Edge rather than making profits. Profit Edge’s popularity Bitcoin trades has also been extensively covered through the news media. There are however, no famous people who have publicly supported Profit Edge.

Profit Edge Trading Review- Final Thoughts

Profit Edge is a real trading platform that offers the best way to earn profit quickly. It’s proved to be a successful software, and the most appealing feature is that you can utilize it on your mobile in its own. Profit Edge is a binary options trading platform that supplies its customers with the top tools. Through Profit Edge, you are able to trade with confidence in a safe environment, protected through proprietary technology. For the software designed by professionals in the field, and then tested for accuracy by third-party auditors, such as those of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as well as the American Institute of Scam Consultants (AISC) as well as the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). The tried and tested software Profit Edge’s AI Profit Edge has delivered numerous investors a consistent happy experience. go here to read real user feedback.

23. August 2022

How do I open an account with Bitcoin Motion?

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There are several negative points that show that Bitcoin Motion should be avoided, instead you should turn to a robot that has already satisfied a large number of users around the world. This is the case with Bitcoin Trader, which is a quality trading robot with unique performance.

Bitcoin Motion Reviews: What is it?

Bitcoin Motion is an online investment system that for many years has been tricking so many people in the world into thinking that its algorithmic system could be real.

In fact, anyone who has spent any time in the crypto-currency world knows how important it is to stay away from this platform. However, that hasn’t stopped the less experienced from falling prey to its claims of big gains, for minimal investment.

In particular, interest in the ZIRB investment programme seems to be particularly pronounced in Europe, where research for this type of scheme is very high. Fortunately, there is also a lot of research on the Bitcoin Motion scam. This is a sign that there are probably a lot of people who have realised that there is something unclear behind Bitcoin Motion.

How does Bitcoin Motion work?

The way Bitcoin Motion works is pretty standard. You have to register on the website and then deposit funds to start investing automatically. Here’s how it works in a nutshell:

You sign up to the system (which is totally free in order to attract as many users as possible).
You are asked to make an initial deposit of €250. This figure, although a relatively small value, multiplied by many users, generates a truly millionaire income.
At this point, the system would allow the user to multiply the deposit entered, with little effort and very high success rates (expressed by advertising banners).
So you need to look at platforms that allow you to trade automatically without stress. And Bitcoin Trader is the bot for you.

How much money can I make with Bitcoin Motion?

Bitcoin Motion claims that by using its trading bot, you have the possibility of making 60% of your stake with an alleged win rate of over 99%.

This seems like a rather exaggerated result even the most sophisticated bots cannot guarantee you such results. You shouldn’t always rely on this kind of talk because it’s just to lure you into depositing funds.

Continue reading our Bitcoin Motion Review and you will have a better alternative to invest automatically on trading robots.

How do I open an account with Bitcoin Motion?
To use the Bitcoin Motion technology, here is what you need to do:

1 – Register on the Bitcoin Motion website
2 – Train in demo mode on the bot
3 – Make a first deposit on your account
4 – Configure your bot and let it trade

26. Mai 2022