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What is the outlook for the price of Bitcoin today?


The price of Bitcoin maintains a positive trend after its third halving, generated on Monday. Can it maintain this trend in the short term? I will try to answer that in my analysis today.

And the „We don’t rule out drops near the close of Wall Street,“ was nowhere to be found. Not a single noticeable downward movement… Buying continued for hours until it made some braking moves, to retake the upward path to almost $10,000 a few hours ago when this report was written: now we are at 1:45pm Spanish time and with a typical drop… When it approaches the 10K border.

And in this situation we ask ourselves: What are the perspectives of the price of Bitcoin for today?

Let’s see it…

As can be seen in the chart, it is barely affected by the braking seen in the BTCUSD chart. We are still in the midst of a very strong uptrend for the short term. It appears that the pair has been trading within a very distinct bullish channel for the past several hours, with only a slight narrowing in the last few hours.

Our CryptoTrend indicator on INTRADY:

Bullish possibility for the next few hours: +60% | -40% … On the other hand, other indicators, we have detected some depletion or money outflow (or little projection of money flow from the Bitcoin Billionaire / Bitcoin Circuit / Bitcoin Era / Immediate Edge / Bitcoin Evolution / Bitcoin Trader / The News Spy / Bitcoin Code / Bitcoin Revolution / Bitcoin Profit, is an indicator that we handle as a test) that gives us notice that the $10,000, if we return to that level, would be insurmountable for today and… For now. Maybe tomorrow?

Without being a precedent, we show it here:

We insist that this indicator is being tested and, moreover, has a greater probability of success after the close of Wall Street, between 10:30 and 11 p.m. Spanish time; there we take its percentage value into account for the following hours…

We are still in an uptrend for the medium term. It reversed the downward trend that we had yesterday. Everything is perfect. I should test the $10,000 again… sooner rather than later or vice versa.